It’s Time for New Shower Doors!

You owe it to yourself to get to know the experts who are experts in installing shower doors throughout Northern New Jersey. Vlad’s Mirror & Glass does shower doors in nj and are no stranger to all phases of shower or bathtub enclosure projects. Just Google “shower doors in nj ” and you’ll be happy you did.

Don’t let water splash from an unprotected shower onto the floor! The water can then seep into crack between the tub and the floor and even into the wall. Once it is there then mold spores can come and take root in those moist spaces. If you have ever seen a close-up view of mold spores than you will have seen the large green and blue plants flaked with death and poison.

Once that happens, then in a matter of days dark spots will appear along he water’s path. In those spots are virulent spores of dangerous mold. If the mold is not controlled quickly, then it would take a professional and many thousands of dollars to control.

But not if you were smart and gave Vlad’s Mirror & Glass a call right away, If you had done so, a trained team of experts would be available to consult with you and discuss a slower door solution that would not only be beautiful and make your shower a showpiece, but would keep water from splashing out of the shower and save your bathroom from the hellish scourge of mold, mildew, disease and thousands of wasted dollars.

Vlad’s Mirror & Glass can install, replace and repair just about every type of shower door enclosure available on the market today. Vlad’s Mirror & Glass fixtures are strong and durable enough to keep splashing water where it belongs and save your tile for years and years—probably long after you have sold your home.