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Plumbing Emergencies and Quick Fixes for them

It starts with a drip and sometimes goes on to become a flood. And sometimes you are left standing with soap in your eyes or shivering under the shower that won’t give you a drop of hot water.

There are small signs, almost unnoticeable. And then, there is a big blunder. Panic sets in. You are left flicking through the yellow pages. There is no solution to be found.

If you relate, you know how dreadful plumbing emergencies are.

You don’t need to be told that it can leave you in a deep fix. Whether it is a dripping tap that won’t let you sleep at night, a non-functioning shower that won’t give you even a drop of hot water or clogged toilets and sinks that just make it difficult to live normally – every emergency is as bad as the other.

And it is as if doom is ‘bout to set in on you.

But wait. Plumbing emergencies can be solved by experts if you know the signs of the impending doom.

Here are the most common plumbing emergencies and signs that can give you time to call the experts before the water runs over your head.

·Leaky faucets

Moulds, rusting, high water bills – multiple problems, one reason – a leaky faucet. And these problems can start manifesting days before a leaky faucet causes flooding. And these are the signs that you should be on the lookout for. Drip, drip, drip – that sound is a warning bell in itself. Don’t let it go untreated. Call experts at the earliest.

·Clogged Sinks

Do you get time to run an errand by the time water goes down your sink? If that’s happening, major clogging is on its way. Notice the speed of water draining from your sink. And if you think things are slower than usual, it is time you call the experts.

If not, you’d soon have a sink that won’t be draining any water and you’d be stuck for even the basic cooking and cleaning.

·Clogged Toilets

The most used plumbing fixtures are the toilets. And with the amount of wear and tear they go through; it is obvious that they are the first to face issues. And if you don’t want your toilet to get clogged and then become completely non-functional, it is important to keep your eyes open at all times.

Difficulty in flushing? Higher than usual water levels that won’t go down? Overflowing? These are the signals that your toilet is giving you. You need to pick up the plunger or call experts at the earliest.

While most small clogs can be fixed on your own, don’t hesitate in calling experts if you aren’t sure about what to do and how or if the problem seems too complicated to handle on your own.

·Leaky Water Heater

The sheer suddenness of cold water running down from the shower is unnerving. And faulty heaters don’t materialize on their own overnight. It is just that you ignore the starting signs.

Water below the heater? Longer than usual time to heat the water? Water dripping from surrounding pipes. If you have seen any of these, it is time to dial the plumber’s cell. And get them working on your leaky heater before it stops working altogether.

·Worn Out Fixtures

When did you change the pipes, faucets, tanks, and other plumbing fixtures in your house? If you cannot remember when or if you have original fixtures from ages ago, it is time to call a plumber even if you don’t see any visible issues.

The older your fixtures, the more prone they are to leaks, breaks, clogging, and even water wastage.

The simplest solution is to change them as when the need arises and at least getting them repaired and maintained at regular intervals.

But, what if any of this happens even before you notice the signs? Well, instead of panicking, you need to keep your calm.

Just like any other emergency in life, plumbing emergencies also need you to react fast, but with caution and in the right direction.

When a plumbing emergency strikes, DO NOT pick up plumbing equipment and start fixing things on your own. You are likely to make things worse.

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