Beautiful Design Ideas for your bedroom

The bedroom is the space in your house that is most private. Though many guests don’t get into the bedroom, it still merits quite a lot of attention. You still spend quite a considerable amount of your time in your bedroom. It is where you reflect on your day, recharge, and even spend time reading; it is thus imperative to have the right furnishing and colour combination in your bedroom. While getting the right design for your bedroom may seem quite a challenge, it isn’t all that difficult. Whether you love punchy colours or a minimalist setup, you need not worry as this article covers beautiful design ideas that you can always apply in your bedroom.

Choose a subtle colour

Bedrooms are best suited by calming shades and a quiet palette of monochromatic tones. It is important when decorating the bedroom to bear in mind the colour theory, which holds the concept that gentle shades of green, blue or lavender are considered serene and calm. To set the mood of comfort and cosiness required in a bedroom go for rich jewel-toned colours. Some of these colours include toasty browns and deep pomegranate. Ensure that in the bedroom, you utilize toned-down versions of your favourite colours. For example, go for pumpkin instead of tangerine or mauve in place of eggplant.

Choose the textures and patterns to use

Textures and patterns in the bedroom add life to it. Use your preferred patterns in your bedrooms and the walls. Ensure that your beddings patterns rhyme with those of the bedrooms wall. You can, for example, place a rug just close to your bed to have a soft texture in it. Decorations with wooden accents and a variety of textures such as fur also work for the bedroom.


Keep it simple

A bedroom is a room where you’ll be resting in; it should thus appear simple and cosy while remaining stylish. Ensure that you have enough space for moving, by ensuring that you maintain at least three feet between the sidewall and the bed or other pieces of furniture in the room. If your bed distracts you as you move from the closet to the bathroom, think of a way you can reposition your bed. Ensure that the bedroom is furnished with only what you need. A bed, a chair, a bedside table and a dresser are the necessities, adding too much of furniture and other items in your room will only add clutter. Keep accessories at a minimum. Have some beautiful family photos in your room, select beautiful artwork pieces and add some candles and flowers.

Ensure there’s adequate lighting

Light is a very important aspect when it comes to the bedroom; it is only with adequate lighting that you would be able to perform important tasks while in the bedroom. With the bedroom, it is important to keep in mind that sleep needs a soothing environment, and thus it will be important that you include dimmer in your bedroom. You can also have a lampshade near your bed.

Choose the appropriate furniture.

Bedroom furniture companies and Online Reviews will prove very helpful when it comes to sourcing quality furniture for your company. When buying furniture for your bedroom, you can start with the floor space, ensuring you know its measurement. Furniture should always suit your bedroom floor space and leave enough room to move around the room. For a small bedroom don’t go for a large, heavy bed and dresser. If the ceiling is high up, getting a tall headboard will visually bring it to size. If your bedroom is big, go for furniture that fits into the bedroom. At the end of the bed, have a chair and a table. Large bedrooms will certainly not match small furniture’s.

Ensure you’ve got lost of storage

To add to the bedroom’s serene feeling, ensure that you store thing out of sight. This will help the room to look roomy and calm.

  • To store easily reachable accessories and books have a headboard having sliding panels or built-in panels.
  • Have a roomy bedside table having doors and drawers where you can store lotion, reading glasses and lotion, out of sight but still within your sight. If you require lots of storage, go for smaller dresser with drawers of a skirted table.
  • You can place some shallow boxes below your bed and hide them with an attractive bed skirt.
  • For the storage of extra pillows, sheets and blankets use a storage bench and a trunk.

In conclusion, the bedroom is an important private room in your house and furnishing it appropriately is very important. With this guide, can to decorate your room creating a beautiful calm environment. Online shops such as Mattress Online can help you get quality mattresses for your room.