During the mowing season, everyone is out looking to get healthy and beautiful lawns that can last longer. For this, you need a machine that can meet your standard and has a low maintenance cost. Commercial mowers have an initial high cost but present you with quality results compared to the traditional residential mowers. These mowers are made of high-quality parts and tend to require minimal maintenance over the lifespan of the machine.

People are always faced with a challenge on when is the best time to purchase a commercial mower. Getting a mower is like a farmer putting together their farming equipment in preparation for the next farming season. You need to know how often you’re going to use the machine and during which times your lawn requires care. Planning out your lawn care routine will help you determine the best time to go shopping.


Going through several consumer reports, you will get a consensus that buying a mower is preferable at the beginning or end of the mowing season. This period falls between April, May, August, September, and October. In the spirit of readiness, it’s prudent to start window-shopping during the spring and even make your preferred purchases. It is during this period that you need to check the condition of your mower. You need to determine the mowers that need replacement and those that need repair.

During the warm spring weather, there is always an increased demand for lawn care equipment. Take advantage of this rush to secure the best option from the various offers dealerships will be offering. Having your mower breaking down during summer at the height of mowing can be disheartening. Hence take the necessary steps to inspect and put your riding lawn mower in perfect shape in readiness for the season hand.


Different companies offer different prices for their commercial mowers. Prices change with time as most companies are not well motivated to keep a steady supply of mowers. This is because of the seasonal nature of the mowing business. Many people hold out till fall to buy their commercial mowers. During the fall, most companies reduce their prices, offering lucrative deals to offload their stocks.

Just like buying any other machine, you need to come up with a budget that best fits your financial situation. Having a budget will help you browse through the various offers helping you make an informed decision. Fall prices are considered to be the most lucrative, but it comes with a downside. Most companies tend to dispose of their stock in spring. Hence buying in fall will leave you with a small pool of healthy options to choose from. As fall is closer to winter, there is a likelihood that you will have to wait several months before putting your mower into use.


Any machine can break down when in use. You should keep this in mind when purchasing a mower. You should learn to be flexible enough to adjust to changes. For instance, when the mower breaks down in the middle of summer, you don’t have a choice to replace it if it is beyond repair. Having a clear train of thought will enable you to make the right choices when making your selection. This includes when you get an exquisite offer on a used mower. Flexibility will allow you to make a purchase when there is a good offer rather than waiting for the perfect season to make a purchase. Having a specific brand or type in mind will allow you to research the specific periods that different manufacturers and dealers have sales offers and special prices. This will enable you to make up your mind on the right time to make the purchase.